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terms of service

1. sustain credits company is a venture by Maitri Artha Shastra Limited (“MAS”), a company registered in England and Wales under company number 13023787, with registered offices in 73C Kensington Church Street, London W8 4BG, United Kingdom

2. a user or beneficiary of the sustain credits reward system is known as an “earth doctor” plural “earth doctors”.

3. this document explains the terms of service for earth doctors in simple English and will change into more precise legal language. Any such changes will preserve the intent and the spirit of what is disclosed in this document.

4. an earth doctor is eligible for sustain credits each time they take direct action or do work to restore nature, to heal the world. examples of heal the world activity:
- plant trees to capture carbon dioxide and help biodiversity.
- removal of plastics and other novel chemicals from nature, e.g. ocean plastics.
- regenerative agriculture to improve soil heal and capture carbon into the soil.
- engage in conservation of wildlife - e.g. removal of plastic from animals like turtles or birds.
- any other verifiable acts that reverse human damage to nature - we will verify and approve.

5. sustain credits have a financial value (see points 11-16).

6. to be an earth doctor, a user must first sign up for an account. this can be done through social media e.g. direct messaging on Instagram or facebook messenger, whatsApp, email or any other open channels of communication. the preferred signup is via the website.

7. to collect sustain credits for qualifying work, the earth doctor must submit proof of work.

8. proof of work can be photos and videos of the work done, along with the exact location for verification. this information can be sent through via social media, email, whatsApp or the website.

9. upon receipt of proof of work, the company verifies the work and may ask you additional questions to further clarify the nature of work and determine authenticity.

10. our team of environmentalists review the proof of work submitted and credits your account with sustain credits tokens proportional to the work done to heal the world.

11. once approved and issued, the sustain credits company retains sole ownership of the work done or the “sustainability rights”, for commercialisation.

this does not include any incidental benefits such as edible fruits from a tree planted (that’s yours, enjoy!), but will mean that you cannot receive double payment for the same task. e.g. claim payment for the same trees from another organisation. This does not heal the world and is fraudulent in spirit.

12. issued sustain credits have a floating financial value. this value is determined by the amount of funds available in the cash reserve backing the reward system. this cash reserve is known as the earth fund®.

13. the sustain credits company engages in trade via multiple commercial endeavours primarily using the proof of work submitted. an example would be the sale of “sustainability services” for individuals and businesses (“earth sponsor”) using the trees that have been planted, the plastic that has been removed from nature, etc.

14. 80% of gross profits from the commercial endeavours go into the earth fund®. 20% is the cut for the sustain credits company for operations, growth and profit.

16. the value of each sustain credit is determined by (total funds in the cash reserve or “earth fund”) divided by (total number of sustain credits in circulation).
e.g. £1million in the cash reserve and 1 million sustain credits in circulation = £1 million divided by 1 million sustain credits =(£1 million) /(1 million) = £1.
this is an example for illustrative purposes and the actual value is subject to change based on the formula.

the current value of each sustain credit is a fraction of their real worth, as our commercial products are under development. this will change with the success of our commercial endeavours.

help us drive income into sustainability and nature restoration, as ultimately we all benefit.

17. sustain credits company is under no obligation to award credits, it further retains the right to cancel any issued credits or the account for any reason at our discretion, usually upon the detection of fraud.

18. the sustain credits issued to the earth doctor can be used for the following at their discretion:
- redeemed for monetary equivalent. this can be transferred to the earth doctor through their preferred method of payment e.g. paypal, bank transfer.
- redeemed for sustainable purchases through “planezon” - the ecologically curated shopping platform by sustain credits. coming soon.
- donated by the earth doctor to another earth doctor in greater financial need to double the “good”.

19. if you have any questions or require clarification, please get in touch. you can reach us:
- all major social media: @sustaincredits
- whatsapp: +44 7723 258579
- website:
- our team and Ambassadors on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sustaincredits/people/