34,586 earth doctors in 98 countries and territories. 150,580.9 sustain credits in circulation, each valued at £0.00218. website feedback
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you can do so in these two ways:
get an earthright
what is an earthright?
an earthright grants you the digital ownership of an activity performed by an earth doctor to heal the world. you get a certificate, photos, videos and the exact location of the work done, so you get direct results. you are buying impact.
shrinks your carbon footprint
supports earth doctors around the world
helps in restoring habitats
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become an earth sponsor
what is an earth sponsor?
earth sponsors directly support the earth fund which goes directly to our earth doctors. As an earth sponsor, you will financially support our earth doctors, contribute to healing the world, and offset your carbon footprint all at once.
supports earth doctors to make a living
exclusive permission to use our trademarked logos.
become listed on our partnership page.
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