35,957 earth doctors from 611 communities in 101 countries. 193,026.3 sustain credits in circulation, each valued at £0.00264. website feedback
amount of plastic waste globally:
8.3 billion tonnes
earth doctors have cleared:
3,256,090.7 litres
trees cut down each year:
earth doctors have planted:
8 billion of us &
sustain credits.
together, to #healtheworld
an earth doctor® is a hero like you that takes action to reverse our damage to nature. we reward you with sustain credits for proven acts like planting trees, tackling plastic pollution & more.
be an earth doctor® and get rewarded
create your ecosystem
for less than £1.25 per week*, you can verifiably:
✅ fund climate action
✅ remove waste, tackle plastic pollution, improve biodiversity & support conservation
✅ provide financial opportunity to earth doctors, direct to people with our democratic model (no intermediaries)
businesses - fulfil your net zero, ESG & CSR commitments, to achieve UN SDGs
visualise & monitor the real world impact of your ecosystem through our gamified interface

* basic plan - 25 trees & 2000 litres plastics monthly
results: impact of earth doctors
trees planted:
waste removed:
3,256,090.7 litres
countries involved:
earth doctors:
cash reserve
earth sponsors:
the earth fund:
what are sustain credits?
sustain credits are issued to anyone who takes direct action to reverse human damage to nature, to heal the world. sustain credits have an economic value and are fully backed by sustain credits income.
what can you do with them?
  • redeem them for cash 💱
  • make sustainable purchases through planezon and other retailers coming 🔜
  • donate to another earth doctor in greater need for double "karma"
what do we reward?
earth doctors are rewarded for actions like planting trees, litter picking, improving biodiversity, regenerative agriculture (soil health), protecting endangered species, water conservation, etc. that restore nature.
where we are operating
click on the world map to go to a live feed of our earth doctors activities.
meet our tribe
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